Berlin, Berlin Connecticut, Connecticut, Kensington Connecticut

Berlin High School football team found to have violated CIAC rules. If true, who is responsible?

The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference Board of Control (CIAC) came down hard on the Berlin High School football program Wednesday after an investigation into recruiting and residency violations. The sanctions include forfeiting all seven victories, prohibition from state championship competition this season and probation for one year. The school also was fined $4,000, $1,000 for each of four ineligible players.

Who will pay the $4,000 penalty and the cost of the investigation?  Who has been paying the additional cost of educating these four nonresident students when the average annual education cost per student is as much as $15,000 per year?

The taxpayers of Berlin deserve a thorough outside investigation. The Berlin Board of Education should not select the investigators; rather, the Berlin Town Council should select the investigators since the Berlin Board of Education should be included in the scope of the investigation.

All those charged with the responsibility of ensuring that all students in Berlin schools are residents of Berlin should be held accountable.


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